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From 1st May 2019, we will no longer be open at weekends.
However, we have extended our weekday opening hours to Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.00pm .

What Advanced Formula Gas Treatment does

As petrol decays, it deposits lacquer and gums that cause components to stick and coats sensors and injectors to interfere with the smooth operation of the engine. Soot is produced during the combustion process which contaminates the combustion chamber and exhaust system areas.

Advanced Formula Gas treatment removes these deposits from the whole of the fuel system, critically and uniquely both pre and post combustion, from the induction, combustion and exhaust areas.

As well as cleaning injectors, inlet valves and the combustion chamber, Advanced Formula Gas Treatment cleans exhaust valves, lambda sensors and EGR valves as well as revitalising the cat.

  RP Garage Services Hythe Gas Treatment

Key Actions

1. Cleans and lubricates the fuel pump..

2. Neutralises acids and protects against fuel oxidation.

3. Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors.

4. Cleans and lubricates inlet valves.

5. Removes light carbon deposits from the combustion chamber to improve combustion efficiency.

6. Cleans and frees compression piston rings, allowing them to function properly.

7. Cleans the exhaust valves, removing carbon deposits, cleaning the valve seats to improve compression and lubricating the valve stems to overcome valve sticking.

8. Removes deposits and debris from the lambda sensor, enabling better detection and adjustment of the air/fuel mixture – an important factor in performance and economy.

9. Used regularly, cleans and lubricates the E.G.R. valve to prevent sticking which can cause significant reduction in performance.

10. Optimising combustion allows the catalytic converter to operate efrficiently to ensure maximum reduction of harmful exhaust emissions.

Why will the car drive better?

As the Electronic Control Unit (the on-board computer) registers the difference in combustion made by the Advanced Formula Gas Treatment, the computer adjusts the running of the engine. Technically, it ‘remaps’ the engine’s running. With clearer information from cleaner sensors, the ECU is able to optimise the performance of the vehicle. Because the combustion chamber is cleaner, the valves seat better and the piston rings seal more effectively. You can feel the difference, and the driveability improves noticeably.


How to improve Diesel Engine performance & efficiency

What Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment does

Gums, varnish and sludge are formed in diesel fuel by natural degradation processes. These contaminants, if left unchecked, cause deposits to collect in the fuel lines, pumps, sensors and injectors.

Poor fuel delivery and impaired atomisation result in reduced combustion efficiency and high levels of emission and particulate formation which foul piston rings and valves. Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment quickly and effectively cleans and lubricates to restore efficient operation.

The anti-wear properties present in Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment help protect key components which are vulnerable to modern low sulphur fuels. Regular use is advised to maximise this protection.

Please note: When Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is introduced to a vehicle’s fuel system, it’s properties will not alter the diesel fuel cetane level.


RP Garage Services Hythe Diesel Treatment

Key Actions

1. Cleans and lubricates the fuel pump and improves fuel stability.

2. Cleans and lubricates injection pump, fuel lines and pressure sensors.

3. Cleans and lubricates injectors, restoring spray patterns.

4. Reduces combustion chamber deposits including compression rings and valve seats..

5. Cleans and lubricates exhaust valves.

6. Cleans and lubricates EGR and inlet valves.

7. Lowers smoke and particle emissions.

The Benefits

* More Power
* Easier starting
* Better fuel economy
* Does not raise cetane rating
* Reduces combustion chamber deposits
* Reduced oil contamination by unburnt fuels
* Reduced black smoking and exhaust emission
* Reduced workload for particulate traps and catalysts

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*** CUSTOMER NOTICE *** From 1st May 2019, we will no longer be open at weekends. However, we have extended our weekday opening hours as below.

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